Giỏ hàng

Our Story

“An object only tells you its story when you use it long enough.”
Established in 2015, Anywhere Design is a designing team based in Hanoi, Vietnam.
We design highly functional everyday items that are quiet, inspiring and simple to use. Focusing on the choice of materials and traditional Vietnamese handcrafted techniques, our products can be used and enjoyed for years to come.

Our Products

Design – Function - Quality
From the simplicity of the shapes, the texture that invite your touch, the colors that invite your gazes, our products are designed to connect with your senses.
From days of researching, choosing the shapes and forms, details and whatnot, our products are created to simplify your daily decisions, so you can have more time connecting with your loved one.
From the skilled hands of local artisans from the traditional villages, balancing with the material with the highest standard level of quality, we are inspired to produce objects that withheld through the test of time and your everyday usage.
We work so you can be inspired with every touch and use.